About Me

Mark Vaillancourt

smiling man holding large yellow onion

This is me with a rather large onion. I’m on the right… in case that wasn’t obvious.

I live in Roseville, Minnesota with Depression, Anxiety, my wife, two daughters, and one cat. I have bachelor’s degrees in English and Theater from the University of New Hampshire (my home state), where I also performed in an improvised comedy troupe. Comedy has always been an important part of my life, and a super valuable coping mechanism. I plan to weave plenty of humor in with my posts here.

Given this background, naturally, I am a data guy for Microsoft. I have my professional blog over at markvsql.com, where I mostly cover topics related to data and stuff like that. I don’t spend much time there anymore.

I chose to start this separate blog so that I can fully let my personality run free. I plan to be as honest as possible about my experiences with mental illnesses and trauma and whatever other topics I feel like writing about. My posts here will sometimes be raw, sometimes medium, and sometimes charred to shit.

I’m partly doing this for myself, as a therapeutic way to organize my thoughts and share them. But I’m also hoping that what I share will help others to feel less alone; to know that someone else out there knows what it’s like to struggle; that someone else out there knows how hard it can be just to breathe; that someone else out there knows what it’s like to suddenly be TERRIFIED in a grocery store… and buy a giant fucking onion.